Parkpilot - production of ramps, skateparks and bikeparks

PARKPILOT have operated in the market since 2004. Our goal in to make the best conditions for development of freestyle sports, increasingly popular among young people and adults. During the years of our operation we have brought new possibilities for sport use to dozens of towns through the Czech Republic. In our work we draw on more than twenty years of riding and construction experience and we are very proud of the fact, that out skateparks are among the most popular for beginners and also experienced professionals.

We give maximum care and balance to each new project. A quality skatepark always becomes literally a second home for dozens of riders, its construction is therefore a matter of the most responsibility and importance. Providing the right entertainment that is "in" among young people can positively influence the journey of a person in problematic age and show him the right way.

Our services

Visualization and design of skateparks

Without 3D visualization, almost no building can be built today, for skateparks this is doubly true. Desingning a new skatepark or set of obstacles is a job for an experienced designer with riding skills. A frightening example is skatepark assembled by a layman from a catalog. Therefore we will design a skatepark for you completely free of charge using professional program and especially our many years riding and construction experience.

Production, supply and installation of ramps

We supply ramps for indoor and outdoor skateparks and bikeparks. Furthermore, special obstacles and tracks for one-time events and races. PARKPILOT was at the largest Czech city races in freestyle MTB, slopestyle in Písek and Prague Down Town.

Reconstruction and repairs of skateparks

Every skatepark needs maintenance and repairs, some of them are already extremely dangerous or do not meet the standards for public traffic. Some, especially older ramps, are even unusable from the very beginning and no repair will save them. We will evaluate the situation and propose a solution, or a straight budget.

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